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Helping us Reaching Our Goals

All support is gratefully appreciated

Community Contribution

Just being a Supporter of event is Supporting Mental Health Awareness in New Zealand


Being a Sponsor or Supporter of Mental Health Awareness in New Zealand is a fabulous Contributor & Sponsorship is an awesome support to putting the event together creating more support and reaching out capabilities of event.
Without the fabulous support this event would not be possible with all the proceeds from event going to Grow NZ and the actual funds raised goes directly to a program to support people, so they don’t end up without mental health support.
Sponsors are advertised for their kind support by putting their Logos & Pics if desired on a Power Point Presentation which can be clearly seen in the pictures of the event plus brochures if desired & their Website link put on the sponsors page on the Red Faces website

Being an Entrant in the Red Faces Competition on the night.

Being involved as an entrant for the event also means the entrant is a supporter of the event and its cause Supporting Mental Health Awareness both by participating and buying a ticket and being a part of the event.

Helping us Reaching our Our Goals: Our Goals
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